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Nothing takes you away from it all like a stay at an all inclusive resort.  The relaxing nature of beautiful surroundings.  The pamperings of quality service.  The spoils of luxurious accommodations.  The savor of gourmet cuisine.   Of course the more you experience it, the more you find yourself harboring the most wonderful of all fantasies...
"I wish we had this Georgia resort and golf course all to ourselves". 

Well, at Beaver Dam Farms you do!  Imagine the possibilities of having the entire resort including the golf course, accommodations, & facilities dedicated exclusively to your group.  Our uniquely private offering is what distinguishes us from other Georgia resorts and golf courses.

Originally the site of one of the grandest plantations in Georgia, Beaver Dam Farms is 1,200 acres of pure resort perfection.  It is wonderfully secluded, totally relaxing, and intensely private - yet within 90 minutes of the hustle and bustle of Atlanta and just minutes outside of Athens.  From the luxurious guest cottages to the championship golf course, from the tranquil nature trails to the majestic horse barn, from the sunny decks of the lake house to the sweet smell of the colorful gardens...Beaver Dam Farms truly does have it all.

Why not take advantage of this all inclusive resort opportunity?  Make the most of our hospitality by enjoying an experience only available to a privileged few.  Relax, renew, and refocus at Beaver Dam Farms.

Private Georgia Resort & Golf Course

Beaver Dam Farms is an all inclusive resort situated just outside of Athens Georgia.  This private Georgia resort offers a championship golf course comparable to Agusta National.  Private and exclusive Georgia golf course.

Agusta National

Similar in look, feel, and quality ot Agusta National.